Get Ready for Hunger Games-Themed Weddings

April 21st, 2012

Photo: Carmen Santorelli

The Hunger Games has captured the imaginations of a lot of people with its strong visuals and heart-wrenching plot. It’s a story that’s easy to connect with emotionally–and let’s not forget the fact that the lead female rocked some amazing braids the whole movie. It inspired a nail polish line, multiple fan sites, a Tumblr, and the adoration of fashion and pop culture sites alike (yeah, us too), even if the costumes ultimately disappointed the fashion media. And now…weddings?

In the weeks after the movie’s premiere, various photographers staged at least three (that we found) separate and elaborate Hunger Games wedding shoots. Courtney Clarke, a photographer based out of Vancouver Island, BC, ran her photos exclusively on WeddingChicks, where they promptly went viral. Clarke told us she’s a Hunger Games fan, pure and simple (She also did a “Katniss, Girl on Fire” shoot which you can see here). Carmen Santorelli, another self-professed Hunger Games fan, also shot a full-on fantasy spread, as did photographer Meghan Christine.

All of these shoots were carefully thought-out, and meant to represent a full wedding; they’re not just a bride in a Katniss braid. That means table settings, bride and groom outfits, arrow and mockingjay paraphanelia, and even Prim. It should be noted, though, that these were staged shoots. They aren’t from actual weddings.

So the question is, are real brides going to go for it?

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Get Ready for Hunger Games-Themed Weddings
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